Thursday, November 29, 2007

Popgun Volume One

Hey Fellow Bloggers/Cartoonists/Comic Book fans,
The Popgun Volume One anthology from Image Comics is coming out today. A stellar line-up inside!! You may ask why I'm plugging this fine funny book. I'm plugging this wonderful first issue because I will be in Popgun Volume 2. Doesn't that make sense to you? Anyway, go out and purchase this pulse pounding publication! Anyone who wants me in their book can't be all bad, huh?

Here's the hype, true believer:

The 29th of November will see Image Comics release the graphic mix
tape entitled Popgun. This 400+ page behemoth of awesome will feature
only the freshest selection of sequential styling by new upcoming
creators and creators new to the medium; it will even feature a select
few veteran creators producing something new and different to what you
would previously associate them with.

Popgun aims to deliver something for everyone by targeting the larger
pop spectrum as opposed to the usual niche comics market. It was
approached with the mindset of developing the ultimate comic book mix
tape; a diverse and sophisticated collection of work with which to
attract new readers and infect mainstream pop culture with comics.

The PopGun Website that explains what the book is about:

Here is a link to the text for the Myspace Bulletin Page and you can
copy and past this into a bulletin:

Then here is a link to pass around for the actual Amazon ordering page:





Two stories Previewed on Newsarama:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

new comix

Here's a new comic, "dog comix" doggone sayings page I recently did between paying work when I could. In the late '80's, I did a bunch of "dog comix" mini comics through High School Comics (a couple of kids I met at a con) who were looking to "publish" my stuff. It was all in good fun and I did other mini comic stuff for a while back then.

illustration friday-superstition

don't let this guy cross your path!