Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NYCC stuff!

Here's a little preview from Dog Comix #10, featuring a jam by George "Newave" Erling and Gary "Old School" Fields which will be premierin' at my table at NYCC!  I got lots of more stuff in th' works, so stay tooned for more stuff!..

NYCC Floor Plan!!

Hey kids!  I wanted t'let ya know I'm gonna be sittin' at table K-7 in the artist alley section at NYCC!  Here's a floorplan so you and me don't get losted!..

Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day Special!

Happy Labor Day to all my blogger pals!  I found this "framed piggie" sketch in a bunch of papers and will give it to th' first blogger that posts a comment.  Th' sketch is 8.5x11" on glossy premium copy paper.  I drew it with a #2 rapidograph right onto th' paper with no pencil scribbles underneath.  Lemme know if ya want yer name on it. Send yer address to (so th' whole world don't know where ya lives)!