Friday, August 30, 2013

Happiest Show On Earth art!!

As warned, here are my three pieces for the Happiest Show On Earth show at WWA Gallery!!..

Watercolor & colored pencil on watercolor paper!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mail Me Art Short & Sweet Show

My other pal, Darren Di Lieto, invited me to be a part of his charity art show Mail Me Art Short & Sweet Show at Croft Wingates Gallery in the UK.  All the pieces are going to be sold for £25 each, first come, first serve.   The 3 charities are Water Aid, Teenage Cancer Trust, and Animal Aid. Here's the link for the Facebook page:

Here's Darren's Mail Me Art link:

Here's Darren's Mail Me Art link to buy the stunning book (check out page 125):

And don't forget to check out The Little Chimp Society site at:

The Happiest Show On Earth!

My pal, Adam Washburn, invited me to be a part of his great Color Ink Book 5th Anniversary show, The Happiest Show on Earth, a Disney inspired group show at WWA Gallery in Culver City, CA.  I was in Color Ink Book issue #14 (see my blog post way back on Feb. 3, 2012) and couldn't have been more happy or honored to be a part of this Disney inspired gallery show.  I have 3 pieces in the show and I will post them soon!

Here's a link to WWA Gallery site: 

Here's a link to Adam's Color Ink Book site:

Here's the gallery flyer and a Mickey sketch that didn't go to finished art...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New York Comic Con!!!

Hey, gang!  I will have a table at New York Comic Con's artist alley on October 10-13 at Javits Center.  Stop by and say hi!  I'll be selling lots of  original art, stickers, mini comix, and more!  Stay tooned, true believer !..

Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy belated birthday to my blog!

So, on August 17, 2006 I posted my first thang on my blog.  Seven years later, I am still trying to post on a semi-regular basis, but I tended to be on the more irregular side, so I do what I can.  Thanks to my 19 loyal followers and those who occasionally stop by to see what might be new!  In honor of my blog birthday, here's a new "comeex comix commutes" page.  8x12", rapidograph on plate bristol...