Saturday, December 27, 2008

12-8-08 sketchbook page

The whirlwind of Christmas past, presents and future have calmed down as we settle in and play with our new toys. Happy New Year to all and to all a good night.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 04, 2008

cockroaches are so cute!

Here's a couple of cute, '30's style cockroaches. They were on top of the world with those new animated cartoons, until another small pest become king. Version "A" and "B". I tried to get away from the cartoony nose and then I missed having it on him. Which is th' best? You decide!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

11-29/30 sketchbook page

This one was so time consuming and pre-planned (not) that it took TWO (count'em 2) days to complete!..

Monday, December 01, 2008