Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cool Cat cover art

Been looking at a lot of R.Crumb work lately. Love how he did his own thing for YEARS and didn't "sell out". I guess he did what he wanted and was able to make a success out of it. Lucky bastid. Ya gotta figure for every Crumb, there's thousands of nobodies. Also was checking out Derek Yaniger's site. He's one cool cat, daddio. Love his design sense and simplification of everything he creates. Be cool, fool...


  1. Hey Gar!

    Good to heeeee-ear from yah. This once came out really cool. I like how you tied in the BG with his hair.


  2. I just saw some Crumbs at the Frye museum in Seattle, very cool to see in person all the different periods he went through. Though he didn't change too much stylistically I think his style matured and subject matter improved over the years.