Sunday, August 24, 2008

sketchbook page

hey kids,
it's been a while posting. been trying to keep on with a sketchbook lately, due to rediscovering robert crumb and wanting to keep my hand in shape. most of my art at work is done using a mouse (never in a million years would i have thought this) and i want to keep my "pencil/inking" hand good. i've also been trying to not do any pencils, like crumb,and keep it spontaneous. not using a rapidograph, but an .03 micron pen. i love'em! this page started with the startled dog and prgressed from there, without any planning.


  1. Great page Gary! I love your toons!

  2. Hey Gar!

    Good to hear from you. Still got it. Microns are great so long as you keep the old ones in a separate can from the new ones.

    Things are going well for me these days. The coffee shop around the corner gives me a free cup in the morning so...

    Working on my "up-dated" animation reel/portfolio non stop. I was wondering if you and a few other illustrators would like to get together to publish a Volume 1 collection of comics. Lemme know what you think. No real reason why we shouldn't.

  3. Garret-

    Great stuff. It's really fun to draw "freehand" and let the results take you where they may.

    You should have your own TV cartoon. Call someone and tell them to let you do that.


  4. thanks, richard!
    yeah,rob,let me know what's up with the comic collection. I'm interested.
    oh, willie, if only you ran cartoon network or nick!..