Friday, August 30, 2013

Happiest Show On Earth art!!

As warned, here are my three pieces for the Happiest Show On Earth show at WWA Gallery!!..

Watercolor & colored pencil on watercolor paper!


  1. Sure made me happy!

  2. great job! and how wonderful that you got to be a part of this project!

    these images bring up a question that i've long had about your work ...

    your work often focusses on the seamier side of life. run down buildings on back allies, filthy litter strewn sidewalks, unkempt bums that live on cigarettes and booze.
    what is it that time and again draws you to this subject matter?

  3. Hey RK, glad they brightened up yer day!

    eeTeeD, thanks for stopping by. That seamy side of life is fun to draw...lots of stuff laying on the ground. It's a romanticized view of the thirties, the bowery, the freewheeling, disgusting life I could never live. And I hate when people smoke. Walking past people on the street and getting a whiff in yer face is gross, but I loves drawing a dog smokin' a cig...

  4. i'll bet you had those hanna barbera smoking toys when you were a kid.

    i don't think i had them, but i remember they were for sale in the large vending machines that were next to the gum machines in some department and grocery stores.

    do you remember those machines? i think they were about as wide as a cigarette machine, but higher. they usually had pez dispensers and pez refills for sale in them, but they also had other items like the smoking h/b figures. sometimes they had other items like a selection of small packets of over the counter medecine (aspirin, alka seltzer, etc), or a shaving kit.

    they were pretty expensive, probably 50 cents, so it was a rare treat if your mother would let you get something out of them.