Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day Special!

Happy Labor Day to all my blogger pals!  I found this "framed piggie" sketch in a bunch of papers and will give it to th' first blogger that posts a comment.  Th' sketch is 8.5x11" on glossy premium copy paper.  I drew it with a #2 rapidograph right onto th' paper with no pencil scribbles underneath.  Lemme know if ya want yer name on it. Send yer address to (so th' whole world don't know where ya lives)!


  1. what a great pic! i hope i'm first!

    speaking of gary fields original art ...

    gary, once upon a time a long time ago were you at a comic book convention in allentown pa selling your original art ... i seem to recall hackle and jeckle originals from spotlight comics.

  2. Wow, that's so far back I don't even remember that! I did do some H&J work for Spotlight many moons ago, Underdog, too. And congrats to you, eeTee, for winning the sketch. We'll send out that art to you ASAP! Thanks.

  3. Gary, i got the sketch in the mail yesterday afternoon, and couldn't be more thrilled! it's a amazing that you can produce such great work without a pencilled foundation!

    and the two sets of flophouse friends stickers were an unexpected and much appreciated bonus! these are really great! do you sell them at conventions?

    it's like trick or treat cam early! much thanks!

  4. Hey eeTeeD,
    Glad you liked. Yeah I sell the stickers at conventions, like NYCC in October!!