Thursday, January 16, 2014

sketchbook pages

here's some sketchbook scribbles for yer eyeballs...


  1. Ooh! Really like the second one. That 60s mod girl!

    Hey Gary, where and when do you typically find yourself drawing? A table? Bed? In traffic? During a meal? Whilst taking a bath?

  2. Chris,
    I can draw a bath but it's kinda tough drawin' in th' bath (unless ya use waterproof maarkers!) I'm also good at drawin' flies, especially in th' heat of th' summer.
    Seriously, I draw almost all th' time.I have my sketchbook with me all th' time, so while waitin' in th' dr's office, on th' train goin' t'work,first thing in th' mornin' at work to loosen get th' idea. I also think it's important t'date yer work on each page so you can look back over th' years an' see how yer art is improvin'!..