Thursday, April 17, 2014

2 sketchbook pages!!

hey, loyal blog readers, i know i've been negligent with my postin', so here's two, count'em, two pages from th' ol' sketchbook!  aren't you lucky? th' 2/14-3/18 page was lightly sketched out first , which is not th' norm for me and inked on th' train.  i'm not 100% happy with th' hero guy but it's okay.  can anyone say "ming th' merciless"?  good villainous type, eh?

th' 4/16 page was spontaneously drawed with my .05 micron, no pencillin', no nothin' and i'm really happy with th' way it came out.  i took my time with it and i hope it shows.

may th' easter bunny bring you lots of chocolate and hard-boiled eggs and i hope your friday is good!..

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