Thursday, December 26, 2013

boy's life january 2014 issue!

I sold a cartoon to Boy's life Magazine a while back and was delighted t'hear that it was finally gonna see print!  Check out the January 2014 issue in the jokes page.  I've wanted to get into this mag for years.  I read it as a kid/scout and my son made eagle scout a couple of years back so it holds a very memorable place in my heart.  Th' only problem is they printed my pencilled rough instead of the final inked version, but it's small on the page and still looks good!  Hopefully I can get sell some more gags to them soon!..


  1. Very cool! I used to read Boy's Life too. I never had a subscription, but the they did have a library of back issues in the local Boy Scouts bathroom stalls where my church used to meet. The joke section is so cheesy and punny. My favorite part of the magazine. I loved it.

    Maybe I shouldn't talk about my bathroom habits so openly.

  2. it must be an honor to have your work published in boy's life, as it has featured work of some of the all time greatest cartoonists ... such as craig flessel, lou fine, and dik browne.

    what a wonderful way to end your year! kudos to you!

  3. Thanks Chris and eeTeeD. I'm pretty happy about this. Don't forget Tom Eaton and Orlando Busino in that list of great cartoonists!..