Sunday, December 22, 2013

comeex comix 2 pager preview!

hey, kids, comeex comix!..

i'm workin' on a two page comeex comix "story" and will post it as soon as it's finished.  in th' meantime, have a safe and wonderful holiday and new years!  stay away from th' spiked eggnog...


  1. great news! from the looks of this pic it should be a lot of fun!

    can't wait to see it!

  2. I'm liking the weird little ant creatures in the last panel.

  3. Thanks for commenting eeTeeD and Chris! Hope you both had a great holiday!

  4. Chris, Pogo and Walt Kelly were huge influences on me when I wuz just a wee lad and he populated his panels with a bunch a little bugs and critters. I do try an' do th' same with my art. Kelly's brushwork is t'die for...